The Mission of the Social Apostolate of Savannah is to care for and empower the poor, homeless, disabled and ‘at risk’ people in the Savannah area in witness to the biblical values of charity and justice.


The Social Apostolate was established by the Catholic Diocese of Savannah in 1968 to “put people in the pews” in touch with the poor. At that time we were the only group serving the poor in the Downtown area. The present Director, Sr. Julie, is the fourth Missionary Franciscan Sister to serve as Director. We serve any person regardless of race, color or creed. We do not judge or try to convert anyone.


Our mission is to witness to the biblical values of charity and justice in the city of Savannah by caring for and empowering the poor, the homeless, the disabled, and the “At Risk” of our society. At our beginning we would “hand sandwiches out a window”. Today we are a well-respected agency in the Community. We try to discover and fill the gaps in the community that prevent people from moving forward. Our present services include hot lunch, showers, personal hygiene products, clothes, birth certificates, IDs, work clothes, transportation, prescriptions, groceries, baby needs, school uniforms and educational programs.
The Bishop Gartland Service Award is an honor bestowed by the Diocese of Savannah on persons who have given distinguished service to the Church in the tradition of its first Bishop, Francis X. Gartland (served 1850-1854). Since its inception in 2000 in celebration of the 150th Anniversary of the Diocese of Savannah, many Social Apostolate volunteers have been honored. Above are some of those honored in 2012.